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Perfect World

Your favorite Perfect World Private Servers List ranked by popularity. Add your Perfect World Private Server to our Top List and gain new players.

#1 - [Orizon-Gaming] Perfect World

  • [Orizon Perfect World] - [LVL 105 Cap] - [Start R9 and Craft R9r2-R9r3-R9r4-R9r5] - [-99 channel vs 333 base aps] - [Easy Farm-Large Amount of Fashion, Pets, Mounts etc] - [Cheap Donation Packages - 24/7 Support] - [Join now and discover much more]

     VOTES: 2

#2 - Xtraordinary PerfectWorld

  • [NEW Race,Classes][NEW Maps,Skills] [FREE Packs,9th Culti,Blessings][Cross Server NationWar Sunset Valley with BIG ST Rewards][Nation King System][EXP:250x][SP/DROP:150x][Money:200x][Max LvL 105][Original Settings][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy to get Gold in Game][Custom Fashions][INSTANT SUPPORT]

     VOTES: 1

#3 - Ultimate Perfect World

  • PW Revenge Version 145 - Full Cubi - Inicie Evil 3 - Level 105, Vote for cash, new updated client free to download, high speed gameplay, website up 24 /7 , no lag, fast loading, Enjoy

     VOTES: 1

#4 - Perfect Gamers 151 RPG

  • exp / sp rate 100000x - Indonesia Server - Paypal Accept - Low Price Donation - Guarantee money back if server close

     VOTES: 1

#5 - P4Story BEST 4Story private server

  • [EXP x7,Gold x3,Drop x3,MagicDrop x1000] [Lot of Free daily cash] [Free Items Shop From Monsters] [Amazing Drops from Marduk] [PvP 40] [Lot of Gift] [Lot of Free player] [Fully Supported Up-to-date] [Join now]

     VOTES: 1

#6 - Mundo Lotus Novos Horizontes

  • Um servidor rate baixa que visa atingir ao publico amante do perfect world de uma forma unica, centrada, divertida e com a qualidade e transparencia que sempre tivemos 100 a 500 GOLD POR HORA + 2000 GOLD POR CULTIVO DIARIO + MISSOES MELHORADAS + MELHOR SET SOMENTE POR FARM

     VOTES: 1

#7 - Perfect World Mafia

  • 151 Retail Rank 9 3rd Cast Gears with some Custom channeling and APS, Full PvP Server Ready for PK in less than 20 minute FREE END GAME GEARS 152 Custom Interface Brand New Fast Growing Server with dedicated GMs

     VOTES: 1

#8 - Blue Dragon Perfect World

  • The most balanced and play to win server out there lots of custom content in a 136 environment Join Today[Max Level 500] [Start with level 250] [No Cubi all in npc] [Frendly and mature gms] [No lag] [9999 Uptime]

     VOTES: 1

#9 - LMS Perfect World - 136 and 151

  • Insta cast is back Professionally hosted since 2008 + Easy to play, high rates PvP and PvE servers + Start level 115 + custom content + No cheaters + Great community + Join now

     VOTES: 1

#10 - Renaissance PT

  • New Classes - New Custom Tier 5 Skills - New Epic Hells Gate Boss Battles - New Custom Maps and Monsters - New Custom Items - Epic PvP Battle Arena and Tournaments - New Quests and Custom Party System - Many Events - Lots of Custom Content - Happy Playing, Make New Friends

     VOTES: 1

#11 - Perfect Town

  • 151 PvE Server - Level fast/slow Pk instances Save our Souls[custom]/NW/TW, and Daily PvE All maps open Vote/Donate for gold Farm custom instances or old favorites for in-game materials Active friendly GM staff Customized Equipment,Mobs,Maps,Quests,Events

     VOTES: 1

#12 - Perfect World Rebellion

  • FULL 1,5,1, New Horizons, Custom mobs with boutique item drops, Free Cubi for voting, monthly quiz to win 4000 free cubi, Raised Exp in RoR, Blue/White name enabled, Many PWR items, Expanded invasions ,Max lvl 150, Rebirth and Pet Evolution,Tank Battles,NW TW Low Rate Private Server, 6+ yrs online

     VOTES: 1

#13 - AbyssWars New Horizons Play To Gain

  • [Play To Gain][Exp/SP 10x][Drop/Coins Double Rate][Original Settings][Max LvL 105][PvP Live Ranking][Free Pack and Blessings on Character Creation][Nation Wars and Daily Events][Gold Vote Rewards][Gold Rewards For Online Players][Automated Trivia with Gold Rewards] [INSTANT SUPPORT]

     VOTES: 1

#14 - PwE Vision 153 WAR FRONT LIVE

  • Full 153 WAR FRONT patch SB and DB s available and working New race, New classes, New Zones, Skills, Reawakening system, War Avatar system, Cross server Nation Wars Fight with other servers, FREE Cubi every hour when you play or stay online AND when you vote XP/SP X2 Gold/Drop X3 - 7+ Years

     VOTES: 0