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World of Warcraft

Your favorite World of Warcraft Private Servers List ranked by popularity. Add your World of Warcraft Private Server to our Top List to gain players.

#1 - Frostgram Highrate Wotlk 3.3.5a - Startchar

  • Neuer WoW Privatserver 3.3.5a | 2 Chars Level 80 | T8 und S6 | Fast Bugfixes | Bugfree content | Spezial features | We speak Ger/Eng

     VOTES: 274

#2 - WoWMortal Cataclysm Instant 85 PvP Custom

  • WoWMortal Cataclysm Instant 85 PvP Custom

    Latest Legion Patch INSTANT 110 Realm, Instant 85 Cataclysm PvP and PvE, Amazing PvP and PvE Content, Custom Malls, Working BG and Arena, Custom Instances, Balanced Spells and Classes, Custom Transmogrification.

     VOTES: 198
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#3 - WoWZealot - INSTANT 255 PvP and PVE

  • WoWZealot - INSTANT 255 PvP and PVE

    WOTLK Instant Level 255 Fun PvP and PvE realm which contains 8 Custom races,6 custom raids, custom solo instance and much more.

     VOTES: 150
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#4 - Frostwyrm-WoW - 3.3.5a (Gildenhaus)

  • Neuer WoW Privat Server - Highrate Gaming 5x Dynamisch 1-5 - PvE Realm - Gildenhaus - Transmog - Single-Arena - Kein Donate Vorteil - Startpaket - Gildenstartpaket - Schnelle Erfahrene Entwicklung - Freundliches Team

     VOTES: 102

#5 - Shrine WoW WoTLK and MoP Private Servers

  • Best WoW MoP server x7 and WoTLK server x5. Low rate wow servers. Scripted Instances, Working Pathfinding, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Outdoor PVP, Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios. Join Us! Weekly Pet Rewards!

     VOTES: 8

#6 - W. P. S. Wotlk-Server 3.3.5a

#7 - WoW Circle - biggest private server

  • Biggest WoW private server with more 45 000 ppl online on 12 realms - Rates from x1 to Fun - Support Wotlk, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor Cross System for Arena and BG

     VOTES: 0

#8 - AdverseWoW MOP Instant 90 i85 Cata PvP


     VOTES: 0

#9 - Warchampions | WoW MoP Private Server

  • Patch 5.4.x,MoP WoW Server,Instant 90 Realm, Filled with PvP, Great PvP Environment, Active Arenas, Active Battlegrounds, Daily Events, Crossfaction Battlegrounds, No Lag, Constant Uptime,Fair vote and donate rewards, Active GMs.

     VOTES: 0

#10 - WoWZealot 4.3.4 Cataclysm Blizzlike Server

  • WoWZealot-[4.3.4]-[1X Blizzlike server]-[True Quality]-[PvP & PvE]-[4.3.4 Cataclysm]-[Scripted Content]-[Active Developers]-[Daily Fixes]-[LFG, Dungeons & Raids]-[Scripted quests, npcs, spells] - Striving for quality & fixes!

     VOTES: 0

#11 - LEGION - ATGWOW server

  • ///LEGION server version /// NEW dungeons and raids /// spells working 90% /// everywhere is loot, quests work /// ALL the strongholds of classes /// work artifacts /// new class DEMON HUNTER /// JOIN us!

     VOTES: 0

#12 - Warlord of Draenor

  • Der erste und einzigste Deutschsprachige WoD 6.2.3 Server. Blizzlike, Haustierkampf, Garnison, Dungeons, Raid, alle Startzonen arbeiten einbandfrei. Eigenes TS, auf wunsch eigener TS Channel für Gilden. Auf Facebook unter https://www.facebook.com/Midgardworld

     VOTES: 0

#13 - RexusWoW

  • This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US and have fun. With many event's, never bored on this server. Go register and try it.

     VOTES: 0

#14 - Gods Of Warcraft - 4.3.4 Cataclysm

  • [Fully Custom PvP Funserver][100% Blizz Rates Server][Custom T-mog][Fully Customized PvP Zone][Custom Scripted Battle for Halaa][Custom Scripted World PvP quests][Fresh Funserver Concept]

     VOTES: 0

#15 - Kunedo Project

  • Private server WOW Vanilla ,2 realms. custom realm: rates x5 custom zone mall and leveling. blizz realm: backup db every day 24/7 Ddos protection stable updates and maintenance.

     VOTES: 0

#16 - UnrealWoW Level 100 WotLK Funserver

  • Come join the fun of our unique 100 PvP funserver! [Custom Instances][Custom events][Scripted World Bosses] [Unique-Mall][Friendly Staff][Proffesions][Xmog]

     VOTES: 0

#17 - Empire Of Darkness | International WoW

  • Rates x5 Initial gold Discord Server in All languages Full equipment for the First to achieve level 85 of the realm in each class and race 2 items of free choice for each person that you bring to the server and reaches level 30 (there is no limit) Stability 24/7 We have AutoRestart in case of...

     VOTES: 0

#18 - Emblazed-WoW i85 Funserver Mid Rates

  • Not a P2W server. Mid Rates. I85. 400m HP Millions of Dmg and a whole lot of content in the making. We will be doing Expansions up to 1.8b hp and so on. Item Squishes when expansio ns come out to help with hp and dmg control.

     VOTES: 0

#19 - BlackBones WoW 3.3.5a

  • BlackBones WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today! About us: One realm Very High rates x30 Maximum...

     VOTES: 0

#20 - [5.4.8] Astrizia [x5 - SEMIN FUN]

  • Astrizia World Of Warcraft est un serveur SemiFUN/PVP naissant en 5.4.8 Les rates de base sont multipliés par 5, et multipliés par 6.5 pour les joueurs VIP De nombreux évents sont à venir, alors nous vous attendons sur Astrizia !

     VOTES: 0

#21 - kozow wow Vanilla

  • Stable Open Alpha, friendly Devs and new Community. Join today the open Alpha and enjoy testing the world with us. Pre-Alpha more than 1 year online. Private Server 100% Free 2 Play. Real Nostalgic game experience of classic world of warcraft.

     VOTES: 0

#22 - Cecret WoW 3.3.5 Custom Funserver

  • The server is an instant 80 custom funserver, and it includes a variety of custom content, including custom quest areas, custom repeatable quest areas, item upgrading quest lines, many custom bosses and mobs (ALL of which are scripted with spells/custom boss fights), lots of custom items, and...

     VOTES: 0

#23 - ValithriaWoW

  • Wir sind ein neuer Privatserver, mit Fokus auf PvP und Endcontent. Unsere Features und Raten: XP: x1-7 (variabel) Ehre: x4 Arenapunkte: x2 Ruf: x4 3 Berufe Ehrecap: 500k Arenapunktecap: 20k Reiten ab Level 1 18 Platz Taschen Crossfaction in allen Bereichen (außer Arena!) Sobald alle...

     VOTES: 0

#24 - RageWoW|Rates-30x|Rescripted|Transmog|Arena1v1

  • AntiCheat|No "Pay to Win"|Everyone is Equal|Rescripted Raids|Professional Staff|Vote for fun items|30x-rating|AntiDdos|No Lag|Strong Equipment|Transmog|CrossfactionBG|Arena1v1

     VOTES: 0

#25 - shadowplace-wow

#26 - ElderWoW 3.3.5a Blizz [New]

  • ElderWoW is a quality Wotlk private server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best blizz-like experience around.Join the adventure, Register today! Come join us and relive the glory of the Wrath of the Lich King days at its best. Meet up with old friends or make...

     VOTES: 0

#27 - WWoW-Orb 3.3.5a 3x Scripted Server

  • Free Heirlooms. Auto Learn Spells. Leveling Rewards. Transmogrifier. Anticheat. Fully scripted Raids / Dungeons. Fully scripted Icecrown Citadel 10/25. Fully scripted Ruby Sanctum. Working Quests. Working Spells / Talents. Working Battlegrounds. Working Arenas. Working Wintergrasp.

     VOTES: 0

#28 - Uranium Blizzlike 3.3.5 server !!

  • Uranium is a quality Instant 80 PvP & PvE Rates x5 (only 1 month) and we offer level 80+S7 for 40 new players server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around.

     VOTES: 0

#29 - [-Xtreme WoW-] LvL 255 Funserv

  • Xtreme WoW, Supports 3.3.5A!, Custom Quests, Instances, Events.. over 70000 custom items. Malls, PvP Token System ,Custom Bosses, Full working battleground and Arena Custom Daily Quests Custom Npc's Custom World Bosses, 1v1 Arena, And many.

     VOTES: 0

#30 - AtreusWoW - 3.3.5a x12

#31 - Warstone

  • New eu blizzlike server. Warstone is a game server for playing in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King version with pleasure, nostalgy and stability. Server started such as test ground for Core, but later decided keep it such as game server. There you can see all the newest features. Will...

     VOTES: 0

#32 - Halcyon-WoW - TBC - Blizzlike - 2.4.3

  • [Blizzlike][Professional Staff][Lag Free][99% Uptime][Progressive Realm][Active Community][Working Arenas and Battlegrounds][Working Dungeons and Raids][24/7 Support][International Server][Auto-Backup][Anti-DDoS]

     VOTES: 0

#33 - Strong WoW

  • We are a instant level 255 server with 13000+ custom items, quests, bosses, events, player any class on every race, and lots of other great custom systems. Come join!

     VOTES: 0

#34 - WoW Blizz

  • Welcome to WoW Blizz Privat Server 3.3.5a we want to get back and enjoy the old best Expansion of all time The Wrath of the Lich King. We have the most best full working blizzlike server ever i hope in future we will make a big community to all WoW players to make them enjoy the game and event.

     VOTES: 0

#35 - Illuminated Wow 4.3.4 Funserver

  • Illuminated Wow 4.3.4 Funserver Working Battlegrounds Working RAIDS Instant 85 Cataclysm Funserver dedicated server brand new Tags; Wow 4.3.4 Funserver Private Server Instant 85 World of Warcraft free server

     VOTES: 0

#36 - CascadeWoW

  • This is 255 instant with 5000+++ custom items come join US and have fun. With many event's, never bored on this server. Go register and try it.

     VOTES: 0

#37 - real-adventure.fr

#38 - Asmodeos WoW 4.3.4 | International World of Warcraft

#39 - Project-Reborn 2 Realms 3.3.5

  • *Instant 255 *High Stats *World chat *Transmogrification *1v1 Arena *Crossfaction BG *All race all class totems working *Custom Gearing system *Custom tiers/Honor/Arena Sets *Vendors in battlegrounds with temporary Gear to balance BG *Legion Raids *World Bosses *PvP title system - kills for...

     VOTES: 0

#40 - Transcend-WoW 3.3.5 FUN LEVEL 255


     VOTES: 0

#41 - Historicwow bringing back wow history the way it used to be

#42 - WorldOfWarcraft.Fun WoW 3.3.5a x100

  • We invite you to our powerful and interesting serverThe server is equipped with the latest updates and has a tremendous performanceAll locations work with increased comfort and pleasant game x100

     VOTES: 0

#43 - Cataclysm-WoW 434 Blizzlike Server

  • PvE Realm Type, heart on the PvP aspect as well - One of the most complete 434 Cataclysm Blizzlike Servers - International Server - Focus on Quality - Scripted Goblin/Worgen Zone - Vashjir - Progressive Content - Scripted Zones - Battlegrounds - Daily Updates - Private Project - Discord Available

     VOTES: 0

#44 - Rev | Blizzlike 3.3.5a

  • Are ou tired of leveling? Do you want to level up fast, gear up your character with top items and be the best on the server? You've picked up a very good server to fix it! Here you can level up very fast, get a lot of awesome items that are really hard to get on official servers. This is a full...

     VOTES: 0

#45 - Valanyr

  • Start-Char|3.3.5a Server|Individual XP Rates|Transmog|1v1 Arena|CFBG BG/Inis|Acc-Wide Mounts|Own LvL EQ|Flex Raiding|Ger/Eng Support

     VOTES: 0

#46 - Azeroth WoW Server 3.5.5a Wotlk!

  • I would like to start events. (Jump event, attack, promotion) First we need players! I promise, we design the server as you like it. We have: 3.3.5a Wotlk 1x Blizzlike Realm Wotlk Instant LvL80 Realm Please Use the Forum for Reports and Discussions! Or Write me E-mail: ...

     VOTES: 0

#47 - Nephilim-WoW l WoTLK 3.3.5a l 4 Realms l

  • Blizzlike 80 - Highrate 40x - Instant 80 - 255 Funserver. High quality, Uptime 99% and stable. Professional staff team and custom scripted by professional developers.

     VOTES: 0

#48 - Razor WoW 3.3.5a

  • [Our rates: 15x Experience, Quest, Exploring][5x Gold][2x Honor][2x Professions [Herbing, Engineering, Tailoring, Mining, etc.][Max level is 80][We also have introduced Double XP Weekends x30 on kill,quest,exploring and 10x gold! Friday 5pm to Monday!]

     VOTES: 0

#49 - SeKerS-WoW International 3.3.5a

  • SeKerS-WoW is a quality warcraft server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best blizz-like experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today!

     VOTES: 0

#50 - Cascade-wow Reborn Instant 255

  • - Custom Patch- - Instant Level 255 - - Over 100M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - Over 5000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Custom Instances and Raids - - Farm...

     VOTES: 0