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Ultima Online

Your favorite Ultima Online Free Servers List ranked by popularity. Add your Ultima Online Free Server to our Top List and gain new players.

#1 - UORPG

#2 - Excelsior Shard - UO Free Server

  • Largest family-friendly shard [SE/ML era, no PK] with massive amounts of custom content, Commited staff, Exceptionally stable server - [No skill cap, 2+ houses, staff and player events, numerous custom spawned areas, new quests and tameables, 5 types of BODs, animal breeding, bioengineering, etc]

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#3 - Lost City

  • Lost City is a server with ALOT of custom content, There is no skill cap and you can experience PVM/ PVP, [PVP only in Felucca] There are also regular events being held, SPECIAL THINGS: Removable trees system, Custom house placement areas, Custom currencies, And many many more

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